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Boston, MA

From 22nd October 2016


Science Museum Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK

From 25th June 2016


Grande Exhibitions – creators of traveling exhibitions have created the most comprehensive exhibition on Leonardo to tour the world. With the assistance of Il Genio di Leonardo da Vinci Museo (Italy) and Pascal Cotte of Lumiere Technology (France) this exhibition brings to life the genius of Leonardo as an inventor, artist, scientist, anatomist, engineer, architect, sculptor and philosopher.

 Working from Leonardo’s codices, Italian Artisans have faithfully crafted interactive and life-size machine inventions. These works include the first concepts of a car, bicycle, helicopter, glider, parachute, SCUBA, submarine, military tank and ideal city to name a few. In addition, the exhibit moves far beyond machine inventions alone, featuring facsimiles of Leonardo’s most famous codices, large interactive touch screens anatomical studies, drawings of the Battle of Anghiari and Renaissance art.

A recent addition is the high definition recreation of The Last Supper at actual size (29 x 14.5ft) an impressive display that compliments high definition animations explaining the Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man and the Sforza equestrian statue.

Da Vinci – The Genius also includes the world exclusive Secrets of Mona Lisa – an analysis of the iconic painting, conducted at the Louvre Museum by renowned scientific engineer, examiner and photographer of fine art, Pascal Cotte.

Suitable for all ages, this amazing exhibition provides a fascinating insight into not only the mind of a genius; but also into the fundamental scientific and artistic principles that he discovered. Da Vinci – The Genius is an inspiration for the whole family.